Altair Engineering
FEKO, part of Altair’s HyperWorks® suite is a comprehensive electromagnetic simulation software tool, based on state of the art computational electromagnetics (CEM) techniques, enabling users to solve a wide range of electromagnetic problems. FEKO’s multiple solution techniques make it applicable to a wide range of problems for a large array of industries. Typical applications include analyses of horns, wire, reflector, conformal, and broadband antennas, microstrip patches, arrays, antenna placement & design. Analyses related to EMC (including shielding & cable coupling), RCS (scattering problems), waveguide structures (RF components), SAR extraction (Bio-electromagnetics), and multiple dielectric layers (Radomes).
Booth: #202

AMTA 2018
Altair is proud to host the 40th Annual Meeting and Symposium of the AMTA in historic Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, USA from November 4-9, 2018. For 81 formative years, from 1699 to 1780, Williamsburg was the political, cultural, and educational center of what was then the largest, most populous, and most influential of the American colonies.

Altair and co-hosts NASA Langley Research Center, Virginia Tech, and Old Dominion University cordially invite you to attend and participate in this annual event.
Booth: #L106

Anechoic Systems
Anechoic Systems LLC was formed to allow for more flexibility to design and build new technically advanced measurement systems utilizing state of the art chamber technology. Our resources are not limited to only what we manufacture, instead we search the world for the right material to suit our customer’s needs. We offer TURNKEY SOLUTIONS, RELOCATIONS and RECONFIGURATION solutions to fit your needs.
Tabletop #3

Anritsu Company
Anritsu is a global leader in innovative communications test and measurement solutions for more than 110 years. We provide solutions for wired and wireless communication systems and operators.
Booth: #308

Antenna Systems Solutions S.L. (ASYSOL) a Celestia Technologies Group company, is a leading and cost effective European supplier of antenna measurement and RCS systems, delivering state of the art positioning equipment, antenna design and manufacturing, near-field/compact antenna range systems and microwave anechoic chambers. ASYSOL leads in the invention, development and manufacturing of the RF industry's most advanced antenna test systems, translating these advanced technologies into value for our customers through our range of professional solutions, services, consultancy, professional training and valued employees worldwide.
Booth: #207

AP Americas, Inc.
The Texas-based AP Americas and the Belgium-based Emerson & Cuming offer state-of-the-art microwave chambers for near- and far-field antenna measurements, compact range chambers, anechoic chambers for RCS testing, wireless applications and general RF measurements.
Recently, Emerson & Cuming launched advanced WAVASORB absorbers, showing outstanding performance even above 100 GHz. The absorbers also conform to ROAHS and REACH and have outstanding extended performance stability.
The chamber manufacturer AP Americas is the distributor of Emerson & Cuming and has its own production for shielding. AP Americas has years of experience in project management and installation.
Booth: #209

ARC Technologies, Inc.
ARC Technologies Inc. offers a complete range of custom and standard absorber products that provide solutions to the diverse RF and EMI problems facing today's military, aerospace, and commercial electronics design engineers. We are dedicated to understanding our customer’s needs, delivering quality products on-time, and engineering innovative solutions. Whether a customer is facing interference problems at 50 MHz or 110 GHz, nearfield or farfield, narrowband or broadband, we have an absorber product or will develop an application-specific product to meet its requirements.
Booth: #204

Benefield Anechoic Facility
The BAF provides a robust RF T&E infrastructure to ensure system survivability and mission effectiveness for the DoD, industry and allies. The largest anechoic test facility provides a secure “virtual open-air RF range within four walls” — a valuable tool providing test engineering applied to the development and the T&E of RF systems. We conduct Antenna Pattern, EW/IO, Survivability, Electromagnetic Interoperability and Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) tests. The uniquely large and well-equipped BAF offers a highly flexible and scalable indoor antenna range and test capability for installed and uninstalled antenna systems across a wide spectrum.
Booth: #106

Boeing Technology Services
Boeing Technology Services provides access to testing facilities, equipment and technical expertise that have produced some of today’s most innovative products. No other company can provide the same range of competitively-priced, high-quality testing capabilities. Timely, accurate, consistent and repeatable test results can be the differentiators that produce sales. Capitalize on access to proven expertise and resources in aerodynamics, propulsion, acoustics, environmental, electromagnetics, structures, metrology, and simulation.
Booth: #105

Chamber Services, Inc.
Chamber Services, Inc. is a forward - thinking, Anechoic Facility Design, Construction and Services Company committed to delivering the highest level of service and superior quality products to valued customers.
Our services include Anechoic Chamber Design, Consultation and Construction. Including Architectural, Modular and Welded RF Shielded Enclosure Installations/Relocations, RF Shielded Enclosure Maintenance, RF Absorber Material Removal/ Installation, RF Absorber Material Maintenance, RCM and Pneumatic RF Shielded Door Installation and Maintenance, Zinc and Copper Coatings Flame Spray Service.
Chamber Services Inc. association with the leading RF Shielding and RF Absorber manufactures provides a factory direct source for RF Shielded Enclosures, RF Shielded Doors, RF Absorber Materials, Power and Signal Line Filters, Waveguides, Pipe Penetrations, Custom Test Fixtures, Portable RF Absorber Panels and much more.
Booth: #311

CompuQuest, inc provides custom, high quality instrument control, data acquisition, and signal processing software, emphasizing radar cross section (RCS) and antenna measurement applications. The Quest series of data acquisition systems contain drivers for controlling hardware devices ranging from obsolete network analyzers to the latest Agilent PNA systems. CompuQuest data analysis systems process and display data from an industry-wide selection of raw data files. CompuQuest works closely with many radar manufacturers, including ECS Federal, Quarterbranch and MI Technologies, to add unparalleled realtime capabilities to the industry’s top radar systems. This product base, and extensive hardware and software backgrounds, makes CompuQuest uniquely qualified to handle the needs of the measurement community.
Booth: #103

Comtest Engineering
Comtest Engineering supplies high performance antenna test ranges, EMC test chambers and RF shielded rooms. Our organization and product portfolio is well known for quality and flexibility. With offices in both Europe and USA we provide excellent customer support and strive to gain 100% customer satisfaction. Our skilled and experienced team has more than 32 years’ experience in both EMC and RF.
During AMTA 2017 we will introduce our new and innovative closed cell polystyrene absorber model MT45-JT. We welcome you to stop by our booth and learn more about the advantages and performance of our new microwave absorber model.
Booth: #310

Copper Mountain Technologies
Copper Mountain Technologies develops innovative and robust RF test and measurement solutions for engineers all over the world. The company was created in 2011 and is based in Indianapolis, IN with a sales office in Singapore. Our innovative products and partnership approach enable RF and Microwave engineers to realize their potential through access to lab-grade instrumentation at affordable prices. Our world-class metrology and engineering resources work as an extension of your team.
Booth: #306

CST of America, Inc.
CST is a market leader in providing 3D electromagnetic (EM) field simulation tools through a global network of sales and support staff and representatives. CST develops CST STUDIO SUITE, a package of high-performance software for the simulation of EM fields in all frequency bands. Its growing success is based on a combination of leading edge technology, a user-friendly interface and knowledgeable support staff. CST solutions are used by market leaders in a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, healthcare and telecommunications. CST is part of SIMULIA, a Dassault Systèmes brand.
Booth: #309

Delta Sigma Company
Delta Sigma Company began operations in January of 1990. We have almost 100 man-years of experience in-house for all kinds of specialized low observables testing. DSC designs and builds radar antennas, calibration targets, specialized data collection & processing software, low RCS pylons, pylon elevators, pylon tilting mechanisms, multi-axis target positioners, low RCS target fixtures, foam columns, single-axis positioners, and motion controls for moving parts in/on the positioning system. DSC also builds automated systems for aircraft production lines. DSC’s has significant expertise in building in-process RCS test systems for aircraft production lines, integrating the production world with the RCS testing world.
Booth: #206

EMSCAN is a world leading developer of fast magnetic very-near-field measurement tools. We provide real-time low-cost desktop chambers that are efficient and cost-effective, eliminate the need for an anechoic chamber for pre-compliance and performance tests and offer accelerated time-to-market. EMSCAN solutions are 1/10th of a chamber’s cost and operate 100 times faster. RFxpert is the only real-time, compact, bench-top antenna measurement equipment. Under a second, unique array of automatically switched probes calculates accurate far-field patterns and radiated power. EMxpert is a real-time, compact, bench-top EMC/EMI diagnostic tool enabling designers to rapidly diagnose and solve EMC/EMI problems in a single design cycle.
Booth: #210

ETS-Lindgren, Inc.
ETS-Lindgren offers world-class RF and Microwave test systems, including Far Field, Near Field, and Compact Range chambers for RCS and antenna measurement testing. We provide high performance biconical, dipole, quad- and double-ridged horn antennas in standard and custom designs. Quality components include RF and Microwave absorber plus multi-axis positioners, among others. Wireless Systems enable 5G, OTA, and MIMO OTA testing of mobile devices featuring EMQuest™ software for fully automated 2- and 3-D antenna pattern measurement for passive antennas and active wireless devices. Services include calibration at our A2LA accredited lab and wireless testing at our CTIA Authorized Test Lab (CATL).
Booth: #100

EuCAP 2018
The 12th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation
9 - 13 April 2018 | ExCeL London, UK

EuCAP is a flagship conference on antennas and propagation, attracting researchers from across the world. With approximately 1200 attendees it is the largest conference of its type in Europe. We will be pleased to welcome you to London for EuCAP 2018. The conference will feature 5 busy days jam-packed with regular, plenary, poster and convened sessions. Highlights include:
  • Plenary keynote speeches and semi-plenary talks from top-level academic and industry experts
  • Scientific workshops and short courses, which are an excellent educational opportunity for all aspiring and practising researchers
  • Extensive peer-reviewed presentations, showcasing the latest research from around the world
Booth: #L105

In Compliance Magazine
In Compliance Magazine features in-depth coverage of worldwide regulatory compliance issues for the electronics industry. Each month you'll find technical articles from industry leading authors on topics related to test, measurement, and design, standards updates and changes, products, services, and more! Available in print or digitally, we offer a variety of informational resources for the electrical engineering professional. Visit our website, activate your free subscription, and join one of our many eNewsletters for regular updates.
Tabletop: #1

Keysight Technologies (NYSE: KEYS) helps customers bring breakthrough electronic products and systems to market faster and at a lower cost. Keysight’s solutions go where the electronic signal goes, from design simulation, to prototype validation, to manufacturing test, to optimization in the network. Customers span the worldwide communications ecosystem, internet infrastructure, aerospace & defense, automotive, semiconductor, and general electronics end markets.
Booth: #L101

Liberty Calibration
With locations in the Midwest and Canada, Liberty Calibration provides a solution for all of your accredited calibration needs from mechanical/dimensional and general electronic instrumentation to RF/EMI/EMC instrumentation. We provide these services at one of our locations or on-site at your facility, and we work to build long lasting relationships with our customers to ensure the highest quality in our services. We offer quality calibrations with documentation that satisfies your industry and regulatory requirements, and 24/7 web access to your calibration certificates.
Please contact us at 712-764-2197 for any of your calibration needs.
Booth: #208

Microwave Journal
Microwave Journal has served the RF/microwave industry for nearly 60 years with practical design information for engineers working in military, satellite and commercial applications. Sign up today for your FREE subscription to the monthly print/digital edition. If Signal Integrity/Power Integrity/EMC is your thing, check out our new resource at and register for all-access content and our newly launched newsletter.
Tabletop: #2

Microwave Product Digest
Microwave Product Digest serves RF and microwave design engineers, research and development engineers, applications engineers, and engineering managers. These professionals, working in facilities that serve both the commercial and government markets, are involved with the design, development, application, and use of systems and subsystems, devices, and techniques involving frequencies from RF to light.
Tabletop: #5

The Microwave Vision Group (SATIMO, ORBIT/FR, AEMI and REMC), specialists in microwave scanning technology, delivers a range of innovative measurement solutions for antenna, RCS, and radome testing as well as EMC testing and wireless device certification. We provide a large range of near-field or far-field test systems. Turn-key or various components: multi-probe or mono probe scanners, chambers, antennas, positioners, controllers, RF absorbers, and more. Our know-how also expands into industrial material inspection and RF monitoring. MVG strengths are a broad product portfolio, worldwide presence, and integrated project management. We are dedicated to supporting the Aerospace and Defense, Satellite, Telecom, and Automotive industries and well as academic R&D.
Booth: #203

Premier provider of "Non-Destructive" In-Process QC/QA, hand-held Radio Frequency testing services/ systems using revolutionary Gaussian Beam Technology for testing composite materials from the “cradle to the grave” (powders, resins, to final structures). We rent/ sell devices for measuring anisotropic/ dielectric/ magnetic properties including; honeycomb, R-films, radome materials, defect inspection (FOD, voids, moister, faulty repairs or RF leakage) of antennas and composite structures. Our customers in the Aerospace, Automotive, Food & Drug industries received superior ROI for reduction of material waste, and increased production efficiencies. Come to booth L103 to discuss apply these leading edge technologies to your composite testing needs.
Booth: #L103

NSI-MI Technologies
NSI-MI Technologies offers a comprehensive range of industry leading microwave test systems. These systems cover antennas, radomes and RCS and our unique blend of mechanical, RF and software engineering capabilities allow us to customize test systems to offer specialized solutions. NSI-MI supports the automotive, aerospace/defense, wireless and academic industries. Our wide range of products also allow us to offer solutions for material, production line or general automated component testing. Our global presence enables us to offer the highest quality service and support to ensure long term use of all test products supplied. We also offer extensive in-house test and measurement facilities covering frequencies from 250 MHz to 110 GHz.
Booth: Buckhead Ballroom II

Orbital ATK
As a global leader in aerospace and defense technologies, Orbital ATK designs, builds and delivers space, defense and aviation-related systems to customers around the world both as a prime contractor and as a merchant supplier. Our main products include launch vehicles and related propulsion systems; satellites and associated components and services; composite aerospace structures; tactical missiles, subsystems and defense electronics; and precision weapons, armament systems and ammunition. Headquartered in Dulles, Virginia, Orbital ATK employs approximately 13,000 people in 18 states across the U.S. and several international locations.
Booth: #110

Planar Monolithics Industries
Planar Monolithics Industries (PMI) manufacturers and markets a variety of MIC/MMIC Components, Supercomponents, Modules, Assemblies and Subsystems for applications in Telecommunications, Terrestrial, Satellite, and Mobile-Radio Communications, Defense (ECM, ECCM, ESM, Radars, and Electronic Warfare), Cable-TV, Navigation and Marine Electronics, FAA/DOT-Avionics, Ground Based Systems, and Microwave Landing Systems. These products cover the DC to 50 GHz frequency band and include amplifiers, attenuators, switches, switch matrices, SDLVAs, power dividers/combiners, detectors, limiters, equalizers, couplers, vector modulators, USB style products, filters & filter banks.
Booth: #L102

PPG Cuming Microwave
PPG Cuming Microwave is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of RF materials for over 35 years. We design, manufacture, install and test anechoic chambers. We manufacture standard and customized materials and fabrications using RF absorbing, low loss, and conductive materials for the telecom, automotive, medical, and defense industries.
Booth: #303

QuarterBranch Technologies, Inc.
QuarterBranch Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1998 to provide technical support and design services to the Radar Cross Section measurement community. Today, we have grown into the premier provider of these systems and support services. Our flagship system, RadarMan™, is the industry leading high-speed, broadband pulsed-IF radar system covering up to 0.1-40GHz.
Booth: #112

Rohde & Schwarz
The Rohde & Schwarz electronics group offers innovative solutions in all fields of wireless communications as well as in IT security. Founded more than 80 years ago, the independent company has an extensive sales and service network with subsidiaries and representatives in more than 70 countries. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany, with regional hubs in Asia and the USA.
Booth: #L99

SIEPEL has been a leading manufacturer of anechoic chambers since 1986 and is one of the rare producers of microwave absorbers dedicated to antenna testing: near-field, far-field, compact ranges, …
Our range covers many fields of applications for academic, commercial or defence customers such as satellite, telecom, automotive.
SIEPEL offers in-house chamber design capabilities worldwide associated to project management, testing (FAT / SAT) & commissioning. Our references list of prestigious customers and partners is available on demand.
Our extended range includes standard and custom-made absorbers with long life expectancy and high absorption level, high power absorbers, ...
Booth: #108

Sprinkler Innovations
Sprinkler Innovations’ makes the only FM approved retractable telescoping sprinkler heads for anechoic chambers. These sprinklers bring effective, time-saving fire control technology to the anechoic chambers by automatically retracting after a system test or false activation and resetting itself above the ceiling. This allows you to test the entire sprinkler system without anyone entering the chamber. Start-to-finish trip test time is only two hours! Minimize disruptions and maximize profits with an extraordinary fire protection solution for anechoic chambers. Sprinkler Innovations offers fire protection for the most demanding environments.
Booth: #109

STAR Dynamics Corporation
STAR Dynamics Corporation, under new ownership as a Veteran Owned Small Business, has reenergized as the key provider of leading-edge Instrumentation Radars for several defense industries. STAR has strengthened its commitment to the Low-Observable community with highly enhanced BlueMax RCS/Imaging Radars and KNOWBELLTM Signal Processing technologies. Precision, multi-object tracking radars for flight-test ranges are being introduced, leveraging industry-recognized subject matter expertise to enhance defense technology development/validation. STAR continues to provide premium aftermarket support with unmatched product capability/reliability. Heavy reinvestment the past year, provides a decade of innovation for leading-edge technology in the best interest of its customers and national defense.
Booth: Buckhead Ballroom I

TDK RF Solutions
TDK RF Solutions is a world leader in the design, development & manufacture of technical solutions for the EMC testing and Antenna measurement industries. We offer a complete range of solutions including automated test systems, anechoic chambers, RF absorber, antennas, software, RF filters, and a wide range of test products & accessories. We call it Total System Technology®, and it means TDK RF Solutions is your best choice of partner for proven solutions & services. If you are in the market for a complete turnkey solution or looking to expand your test capabilities with a new antenna, contact us to see what TDK can do for you.
Booth: #111

Virginia Diodes
Virginia Diodes Inc. manufactures state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment for mm-wave and THz applications. These products include Vector Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer and Signal Generator Extension Modules that extend the capability of high performance microwave measurement tools to higher frequencies. VDI’s component products include detectors, mixers, frequency multipliers and custom systems for reliable operation at frequencies between 50 GHz and 2 THz. VDI components include in-house fabricated GaAs Schottky diodes and Microelectronic.
Booth: #L100

Wavepro, Inc.
WavePro established in 1993 by Richard Liu starting from cooperation with Flam&Russell , the first Microwave Testing Range System Integration Company in Taiwan. Later with WavePro value added range design and low interaction design, pushing NSI farfield and swing arm SNF into market. WavePro/EMtrek started developing own AMS and OTA systems also CATR from 2009. First 4 feet blended Roll‐edged compact range was built in 2010. A 10 feet single body CATR was successfully installed for DirecTV Antenna test application in Taiwan 2014. Precise SNF for large AUT launched. Till 2017, we installed over 80 EM test ranges and over 12 CATRs.
Booth: #107

Exhibitor Floor Plan

Download Floor Plan

Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead
Grand Ballroom I–III / Buckhead Ballroom

Exhibitor Schedule

Exhibit Room Set-up:

  • Saturday, October 14: 8:00 am–6:00 pm for exhibitors with private rooms and 4 or more booths
  • Sunday, October 15: 11:00 am–6:00 pm for all exhibit spaces

Exhibit Dates and Hours:

  • Monday, October 16: 10:00 am–5:00 pm
  • Tuesday, October 17: 9:00 am–5:00 pm
  • NOTE: Exhibits are closed during Tuesday's AMTA Business Lunch from 11:30 am–1:30 pm and may be slightly extended for Tuesday Student Day, exclusively for students/speakers following the close of the technical session. Stamping of bingo cards will begin at 9:00 am on Tuesday, October 17.

  • Wednesday, October 18: 9:00 am–4:00 pm
  • NOTE: October 18 is "IEEE FREE DAY" - IEEE members are welcome to visit the exhibit hall ONLY at no charge. You must provide your IEEE membership card upon arrival.

Exhibit Dismantle:

  • Wednesday, October 18: 5:30 pm–7:30 pm
  • Thursday, October 19: 8:00 am–3:00 pm
  • NOTE: No Empty Crates will be delivered prior to Thursday morning, October 19 at 8:00 am.

Exhibitors’ Reception

An Exhibitors’ Reception will be held on Tuesday, October 17, from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. The purpose of the reception is to thank the exhibitors for their support of AMTA and solicit feedback on how AMTA can improve the exhibitor experience at its annual symposium. An overview of AMTA will be provided and the symposium attendee list will be distributed as a print copy. An invitation to the reception along with the specified meeting location at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta will be provided to each exhibitor on site at AMTA 2017.

Interested in Exhibiting?

You are invited to exhibit at the 2017 Annual Meeting and Symposium of the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA) being held at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta Hotel in Atlanta, GA.

  • Access to some 500 decision makers for antenna measurement products and services.
  • Extended break and lunch periods allow plenty of time for attendees to visit the exhibits.
  • Approximately 90% of exhibiting companies return year after year to the AMTA Symposium due to the high quality sales leads and unique networking opportunities.

For more information on exhibiting at AMTA 2017, please contact


Sponsorship opportunities are available to industry and other organizations. In general, sponsorships are available for AMTA food events (breaks, breakfasts, lunches and receptions), premium items (full registration welcome bags and logo-items), and social events (Monday night social event, tours and transportation), or other opportunities. Supporting Publications are invited to support the AMTA symposium. The Sponsor company recognition levels shall be set as follows:

Platinum sponsorship: $10,000
Gold sponsorship: $6,000
Silver sponsorship: $ 3,000
Bronze sponsorship: $ 1,500

To see more detailed sponsorship information, please refer to Exhibitor Application Packet.

Exhibitor’s Points Tally from 2016 AMTA Activities

Following is the list of exhibitors who earned points last year at the AMTA 2016 Symposium. This points ranking was used to determine booth placement at AMTA 2017. Note - this list includes ONLY those exhibitors who turned in their completed points worksheet and receipts by the May 8, 2017 deadline.

Company Total Tally Points
NSI-MI Technologies 807.22
ETS Lindgren, Inc. 553.47
MVG 552
STAR Dynamics 485.7
Altair Engineering 202.7
CompuQuest Inc 280
Boeing Technology Services 135
CST of America, Inc. 135
ARC Technologies, Inc. 135
Chamber Services Inc. 129
TDK RF Solutions 115
Quarterbranch Technologies, Inc. 110
AP Americas Inc. 65
Comtest Engineering 50
Copper Mountain Technology 45
Anritsu Company 39
Benefield Anechoic Facility - AFTC 412TW 30
Liberty Calibration, LLC 15
Antenna Systems Solutions 0

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